70 Million People Suffer from Insomnia. This Amazing Pillow Can Help.

70 Million People Suffer from Insomnia. This Amazing Pillow Can Help.

Sleep insomnia affects almost 70 million Americans according to the American Sleep Association. This is a shocking number, particularly when we consider what a lack of sleep can do – like take a toll on mental and physical health. Part of the reason why Dr. Jason Loth co-founded SpineAlign is that he "couldn't imagine what it's like to not be able to sleep night after night and then try to get through the next day with virtually no sleep. I'm one of those people who needs proper sleep, or I just can't function.”

Insomnia can stem from several reasons. Some that are easy to fix, like being too hot. Many people suffer from back and neck pain, while other suffer from anxiety and stress. Another reason why people can’t sleep is something that a lot of people don’t think about. That’s improper sleep posture. People are conscious about correct posture when they walk and sit, but when it’s time for bed they just lay down and don’t think about spinal alignment. 

Yet, they should be thinking about spinal alignment, especially if they suffer from back or neck pain, headaches (including migraines), and numbness or tingling in their arms and hands. Dr. Loth created the SpineAlign Pillow which is the only patented fully adjustable and customizable pillow available today. Some people find the shape a bit unusual and that’s part of the reason why it works so well for so many people.

When Dr. Loth couldn’t find a pillow to help his patients achieve a better night’s rest, he decided to create his own. Prior, Dr. Loth tried at least two dozen different pillows to find the one that would keep him comfortable and in correct posture in both the back and side sleeping positions as he slept.

After years of research, he created and patented a pillow that is unlike other ordinary pillows. It’s specifically designed to fit almost anyone, whether young or old, large or small. The pillow is designed to allow each person to adjust the pillow to fit their own head and neck while offering the greatest amount of comfort and support while sleeping. This pillow is designed for both back and side sleepers. By using a proprietary blend of shredded foam on the inside, the pillow can be fully customized. A zipper on the back of each of the three chambers allows the user to add, remove and maneuver the fill.

What else should you know? The outer covering of the SpineAlign pillow is comprised of a soft polyester fabric with strips of mesh built in the sides of the pillow. The interior is filled with a CertiPUR-US­® certified shredded poly foam for improved breathability and comfort. This ensures that the pillow is soft and breathable.

The team at SpineAlign is so confident that you will like the pillow that they offer a 60-night risk free trial. Most people don’t even think about posture when they sleep, but they should. It’s more important than you know and can be life changing. Having correct sleeping posture with a quality pillow, (and mattress), could have a drastic change in your quality of sleep and your overall well-being.