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I have a deformed spine and wore a back brace as an adolescent, and back and neck pain was a regular part of my day. Since I started using the SpineAlign Pillow, I have eliminated the neck pain. Dr. Loth also taught me some techniques on how to keep stress off my lower back, and I have had far less back pain this past year as a result. I highly recommend!

Whit K

The spine align pillow is a dream pillow for my neck. It’s soft, supportive, and contours to my head and neck keeping my spine aligned. I’ve been experiencing neck pain and discomfort for years and contribute it largely to how I sleep. One bad night sleep, with my neck out of whack, and I’m painful, with headaches.

Sleep Sherpa

My name is Anthony and I am a medical massage practitioner. I started using the SpineAlign Pillow 2 months ago because I wasn’t sleeping and was having chronic headaches. Dr. Loth recommended the pillow and since then my headaches have gone away and I fall asleep within minutes of going to bed and stay asleep through the night....

Anthony M