Adjusting Your SpineAlign Pillow

The Spine Align pillow is an adjustable contour pillow which will help you fine tune it so it's perfect for your unique body. It's part of what makes you're new pillow the best pillow. ever. Watch the video above or read the instructions below for detailed information on how to get a better night's sleep!

Step 1: Find out which side of the pillow you should be using

If you’re 5’7” or taller, we recommend trying the larger side first, (the side with the logo). If you’re shorter than that, we recommend trying the smaller side of the pillow. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, just a starting point. You can use whichever side feels more comfortable for you. 

Step 2: Decide if you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper

Although this can be difficult to decide if you toss and turn a lot during the night, try to decide if you spend more time sleeping on your side or on your back and pick whichever one is most comfortable for you. If you like to sleep on your side, you would use the outside sleeping chambers. If you’re a back sleeper, though, place your head in the center of the pillow. 

Step 3: Adjust the filling

Adjusting the internal fill makes this pillow totally customizable. You can maneuver or remove the internal fill to make your pillow more or less firm. If you are a side sleeper, make sure you adjust the fill so that when you lie down, your nose, neck, and sternum are all in a line. If you are a back sleeper, adjust the fill so that your spine, neck, and back of your head are all in line and your head is not being pushed up toward the ceiling. This is what most ordinary pillows do and it adds a tremendous amount of unwanted stress.

Step 4: Keep adjusting as needed

Remember, it might take you a few days to get used to sleeping in the proper position. Some soreness may occur, but just like a gym workout gives you sore muscles temporarily, your neck muscles may need a few days to adjust your new pillow. If you need to keep adjusting your pillow, you can move the fill around more by using the zippered components on the back. Simply unzip the compartment and push the fill where you need more support and push away the fill where you want or need less support. Keep adjusting as needed until you’re completely comfortable.