Is your body a garbage bin?

Is your body a garbage bin?
No, it’s not, right?

This startling question popped into my mind this morning as I was scoffing down a tasteless rusk with my second morning coffee. The rusk was the last in a packet with a Best Before date for today’s date. I wasn’t even enjoying the rusk.

And then this question popped into my head. I do not often (hardly ever at all) say that the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It is not something that I take lightly. But, I do feel this thought was from Him.

Is your body a garbage bin? No, it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Then why are you treating your body like a garbage bin? Feeding it with your kid’s left-overs, food that you KNOW is creating inflammation, disease and excess fat storage in your body? Do you not love your God given body?


It literally hit me between the eyes. I felt convicted. I felt sad. Why do I treat my kids bodies with more respect in the thought and caution I take with everything I give them to eat and drink? But not to myself? Do I not love myself and my body?

A revelation.

I can’t hide behind a lack of knowledge. I have read and researched a tremendous amount over the past 10 years about nutrition.

I have tried so many angles in trying to help myself to eat healthy consistently. Recently, I have read up about food addiction, in particular sugar addiction. And I must be honest, not even this revelation of my sugar addiction, spurred me on enough to consistently make the better food choices.

Do I choose to ignore what I feel was a message from God to me? Well, no I don’t think I should try and play with fire. Could it be a warning? Perhaps. I don’t know. What I do know is that I need to start loving myself again, loving my body, respecting my body enough to treat it well.

And your food choices is such a huge part of treating your body with respect and love.

Do you deserve this self love and respect. YES. So many of us walk around with shame, guilt and regrets, punishing ourselves in various ways.

Was my disrespect of my body in how I overeat sugar and carbs (knowing the harm that I am doing), a way of punishing myself? I believe so to a certain extent. People do this self punishment in different ways and many do not even know they are doing it.

I want to end of with a prayer.

“Lord, please solidify this revelation in my heart. Let it sink in. How incredible You have made me, how perfectly You have woven together every part of my body. How you have marveled over your creation when you created me, bit by bit. Help me to truly realise how much You love me and Your forgiveness, so that I can also love and forgive myself. Give me the grace to start feeding my body what it deserves so that it can function in it’s full capacity the way You created it. Amen.”