Don't Let Anxiety About Returning to the Office Ruin Your Rest

Don't Let Anxiety About Returning to the Office Ruin Your Rest

Feeling stressed about returning to the office and losing sleep over it? You're not alone. It is totally normal to feel anxiety and often these feelings help to motivate you. For example, if you are anxious about taking a test, you know that studying will help relieve the stress. When it comes to returning to the office, there are mixed feelings of excitement and dread. It will be nice to see people again, yet the thought of commuting and getting it all done can be daunting. Here are a few ways to not let that anxiety get in the way of restorative sleep. The better the quality of your sleep, the better your day will be, and the more pleasant it will be to return to the office.


Exercise self-compassion. 

Accepting that a certain level of anxiety is normal and have some compassion for yourself. Take a moment to be nice to yourself! Reward yourself with a delicious cup of tea or a leisurely walk once you complete a task. Show the same concern and kindness to yourself as you would to a family member or friend. Knowing that it is okay to be nervous is the first step to relaxing about what is to come.


Engage in physical activity.

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts about restorative sleep, moderately intense exercise can help get a better night’s sleep. Generally, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can help us fall asleep faster and may improve sleep quality. Just be sure not to exercise too close to bedtime, as it can have the opposite effect and take longer for you to fall asleep.


Sleep in a Cool and Comfortable Environment.

Be sure to sleep in a cooler temperature. Everyone has their own comfort levels, but generally people should have their room at 55°F or higher with a maximum temperature of 67°F.  Most experts note studies that show that the cooler the room, the better the sleep quality. Invest in a mattress that focuses on proper sleep posture. The SpineAlign Hybrid Mattress is carefully engineered by sleep experts and our in-house doctor. The SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid helps you achieve sleep in its most natural state, which might help reduce back pain and promote deeper sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. The SpineAlign Pillow is an ergonomic pillow specifically designed to support your head and neck in its most natural position for back and side sleepers. As a result, thousands have experienced tremendous benefits including deeper sleep, and wake feeling more rested.


Create a Welcoming Office Space.

Once you are done focusing on your bedroom, thinking about organizing and sprucing up your office space should be next on the list. If you haven’t been to the office in almost a year, think about cleaning up and dusting. Add new pictures and buy a plant. A pleasing, clean and organized environment will bring out positive energy and make you look forward to working at your desk.


Establish A Better Sleep Schedule.

If you are the type of person that went to bed late and woke up late because there was no commute to the office, now is the perfect time to adjust your sleep schedule and make it more regular. Nodding off in meetings is not going to make a good impression during your first days back at work. Establishing a routine for bedtime and make it a habit before returning to work. Although everyone needs different amounts of sleep to feel rested, generally speaking, adults need seven to nine hours to feel refreshed, more alert, and less stressed.