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13.5" Luxury Hybrid™ Mattress

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The SpineAlign® 13.5" Luxury Hybrid™ Mattress

The SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid™ offers a fresh take on extravagance without the excessive costs that are typically associated with luxury mattresses. We utilized the highest quality CertiPUR-US® foams to develop one of the most advanced mattresses on the market today. American made and doctor design-approved, the Luxury Hybrid™ delivers exceptional comfort, cooling, support, and even antimicrobial properties. The Luxury Hybrid™ is available in three firmness levels to suit every need for any style of sleeper. For more insight on this deluxe mattress, check out the glowing review from Sleepopolis.

Sleepopolis Review

Sleepopolis Reviews our Mattress!

Check out the new Sleepopolis review of our Luxury Hybrid™ Mattress! Does it live up to the hype? Read or watch the review here.

5 Layers of Posture-Perfect Comfort

We utilized the highest quality materials to purposefully engineer a superior sleep surface. Premium, copper-laced, cooling foams and cutting edge coil technology provide optimal comfort and unparalleled support in the interest of maintaining proper spinal alignment. This mattress is doctor design-approved and American made. The dynamic design of the SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid™ mattress allows for a truly exceptional sleep experience.

CertiPur Ceritfied Foam Mattresses
  1. 1.5” ENERGEX™ FOAM

    Right beneath a cover of premium phase change material lies a touchable, cooling cushion of Energex™ foam. This layer is infused with copper primarily for its superior reactivity and pressure relief capability. This foam is highly adaptive, durable, and breathable and the infused copper provides anti-bacterial properties.


    ArcticPhase™ is an especially breathable foam combined with a cooling gel, which together create a sleep surface with unparalleled temperature control capability. This hyper elastic foam is also exceptionally responsive, adjusting to your body’s movements to provide dynamic support and comfort.


    Not only is memory foam universally adored for its distinctly sensational feel, this material is also specifically proficient in motion isolation. The palpable quality of the memory foam is perfect to transition the upper foam layers into the pocketed coils.


    The benefit of using pocketed coils can not be overstated. Having each coil contained seperately allows every spring to react individually and provide active support and pressure relief for any position. These premium coils are named Quantum Edge™ precisely because they lead the industry in edge support. The independence of each coil further enhances the Luxury Hybrid’s movement isolation abilities, minimizing sleep disturbances.


    The Luxury Hybrid™ is well secured by this base of long-lasting, durable foam. This densely compacted layer anchors the pocketed coils and bolsters their pressure relief properties.

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