How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule
Circadian rhythm is our internal clock that rotates between wakefulness and sleep during a 24-hour period. Sometimes this rhythm is thrown off for a variety of reasons or maybe you’ve been on a schedule that’s turned into a bad habit. There are several things that you can do to get back on track.


As Dr. Jason Loth, co-founder of SpineAlign, has often recommended to his patients, every person has their own individual methods that work for them. It’s not how many hours of sleep or at what temperature you should sleep at, but how restful is your sleep and how good is the quality of sleep. We recommended that you find the best combination of the tips below that works for your needs.



As a sports medicine specialist in Mesa, Arizona, Dr. Loth understands the importance of daily exercise. In fact, he says to treat sleep like an Olympic sport!  Exercise helps you sleep better in several ways. It helps to produce melatonin which improves overall sleep quality. As little as 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity done five times a week will make a difference. Try not to exercise at night because it can overstimulate your body. 



Even with the lights off, you can find areas of your room with significant light from electronics and streetlamps outside your window. Light makes us awake and alert while darkness tells your brain to create melatonin, the sleep hormone. Make sure that your mobile phone is set to Do Not Disturb and is charging in another room.  Try to avoid watching television directly before bed, especially since the position of watching TV in bed does not support proper sleep posture.



SpineAlign’s Luxury Hybrid™ mattress is a one-of-a-kind sleep system that was specifically engineered to put your body in its most natural, relaxed position to allow maximum recovery and energy regeneration. The mattress utilizes a proprietary hybrid technology and 3 different firmness levels that will work for every type of sleeper. It also contains healthy, breathable foams that diverts heat away from the sleeper to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The responsive design of this mattress equally distributes and minimizes pressure, adjusting to your body as you move.


The SpineAlign pillow technology will help get the best sleep possible by focusing on restorative sleep through proper sleep posture. While other pillows come in multiple sizes and shapes, the SpineAlign pillow is one adjustable size. It has wider side sleeping chambers to accommodate the side sleepers and the middle chamber supports the head and neck for the back sleeper.



Eating habits also impact your circadian rhythm. Try and finish dinner three hours before bedtime. This will allow your body enough time to digest the meal. Stay away from foods high in trans fats and avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Caffeine can take several hours to wear off and is known to keep people awake.



We mentioned in previous blog posts the importance of sleeping in a cool room.  Everyone has their own comfort levels, but generally people should have their room at 55°F or higher with a maximum temperature of 67°F.  Most experts note studies that show that the cooler the room, the better the sleep quality.



Studies have shown that if you want to create a proper sleep schedule, you should choose a time to go to bed and a time to wake up. Even on the weekends, stick to this schedule. Avoid staying up extra late or sleeping in for more than two hours. A regular schedule will allow your internal clock to settle into a routine and over time you’ll more naturally be tired and awake.