The Future of Mattresses Is Here Today

The Future of Mattresses Is Here Today

Why the Luxury Hybrid™ is the Future of Mattresses

The mattress has been around in some form since prehistoric times. Today’s mattress has been an evolution of cultures and materials that have been transformed over the centuries. It’s amazing to learn that one of the first mattresses was found in South Africa and measures three feet by six feet. Less than an inch thick, it was constructed out of reeds and other plants that grow by streams and ponds. Sometimes plants that naturally repel insects, like mosquitos, were added.

Fast forward to the Egyptians and there have been discoveries of raised sleeping surfaces made from wood that offered protection from pests and other creatures on the ground. Bedding was often made of wool or cotton and pillows were made from wood or stone. During the Roman times these techniques continued, and mattresses were made with stuffed hay or wealthier people used wool, cotton, or feathers. Greeks focused on comfort and had several types of beds for various activities including sleeping and eating. In places such as Japan and China, people continued to sleep on the floor because it offered warmth in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer.

During the Medieval period, bed frames became ornate and down mattresses became popular with the wealthy classes. By the 1870’s mattresses began to have coil springs and bed frames made of metal. Companies were founded to create mattresses based on comfort and preference.

In more recent times, latex mattresses were introduced in the 1930’s, while waterbeds came into fashion in the 1970’s. Modern technology from NASA in the 1970’s created the next wave of mattress innovations. Memory foam was launched to the public in the 1990’s and became popular because of its ability to reduce pressure points.

 In the 2020’s we’ve entered into a new era of the mattress. More technology in terms of product innovation and a focus on proper sleep posture have led to the creation of the Luxury Hybrid Mattress from SpineAlign. What has been a conversation about comfort is now a true understanding of the importance of restful sleep in your most natural state. Proper spinal alignment results in helping people to feel better, sleep better, and live a happier life.

What is our Luxury Hybrid mattress exactly? It is a combination of some of the highest quality foams as well as our individually pocketed coils.These mattress innovations plus sleep experts like SpineAlign’s in-house doctor make this mattress a must have.

The multi-layer construction of the Luxury Hybrid Mattress helps you to sleep cooler which studies have shown help to achieve the most restorative sleep. The top layer is made with copper-infused foam that's super conductive. The copper's conductivity assists in the transfer of heat, while a second cooling-gel layer comprised of ArcticPhase™ foam works in conjunction with the copper layer to transfer away heat. The luxury hybrid also contains CertiPUR-US® certified poly foams which are made without any harmful chemicals and 3rd party tested to prove it.


There are five layers in our Luxury Hybrid Mattress with each layer offering a unique set of benefits:



  • Reactive and pressure relieving
  • Transfers away heat, sleeps cool
  • Highly adaptive & durable
  • Antibacterial



  • Breathable cooling gel foam
  • Great at temperature control
  • Responsive and adjust to your body
  • Dynamic support and comfort



  • Helps with motion isolation
  • Great transitional layer from foam to pocketed coils



  • Each spring reacts individually
  • Dynamically isolates movement
  • Active support and pressure relief
  • Excellent edge support



  • Densely compacted layer
  • Anchors pockets coils for best pressure relief
  • Long-lasting, durable foam


You can say that the SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid Mattress has been in the making for hundreds, if not thousands of years!  Each new innovation over time has resulted in new levels of comfort and rest, but until now there has never been a mattress that offers the highest tech materials for dynamic comfort and support, to sleep more comfortably, aligned, and undisturbed throughout the night.