A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Exhausted Moms

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Exhausted Moms

Of course, moms love the gifts that they have come to expect every year, like chocolates and flowers. This year it’s not just new moms that are exhausted. Even moms that have passed the stages of not sleeping through the night have had to deal with kids being schooled at home, dealing with kids that missed their friends, more work around the house, and juggling it all with other work, pets, groceries, and other responsibilities. For moms that are not nearby there are also the stresses of being far away and the challenges that come with missing everyone.


All of these stresses might have led to nights with little sleep or sleep that didn’t feel restorative. Moms need patience more than anyone else, and not having enough sleep can negatively impact not only their lives, but the people around them. That’s why this year we know that moms will love the gift that gives a good night’s rest. Below are some of our favorite picks and a few other ideas that we know she will love.


The Perfect Pillow

Mom will love the SpineAlign pillow, the only patented, fully adjustable and customizable contour pillow. Ergonomically designed, this pillow ensures that mom will sleep with proper sleep posture, giving her a more restful night and energy filled day. To prove your point at how great this pillow is, let her know that it was awarded the 2020 Best Adjustable Pillow by Tuck.com and that it was developed by Dr. Jason Loth, D.C. the co-founder of SpineAlign. He understands that restorative sleep is more important than the amount of sleep mom gets each night.


A Set of Cooling Sheets

Moms that love a bit of luxury and a lot of functionality, will be thrilled to receive Bamboo Twill Sheets. This set offers cooling, hypoallergenic and heat balancing benefits from the bamboo lyocell fabric. Mom will appreciate the extra durability without sacrificing comfort. For a gift that’s luxurious, soft and comfortable, this is the perfect set.


DIY Bath Bombs

There’s nothing like a relaxing bath before bed, which mom certainly deserves this Mother’s Day. We love the easy to follow instructions for DIY Bath Bombs from this blog post that has lots of great pictures and step-by-step instructions. Mom will be super impressed with your efforts and even more impressed with the results.  It’s a great project for kids and teaches them a lesson about the importance of giving, making an effort, and being thoughtful.


Make Every Day Feel Like Mother’s Day

When Dr. Loth was asked in a recent interview, “If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?” He said that he would start a movement called “Bless One.” The concept of this movement would be to love others but specifically and intentionally bless one person each day with something that means something to that person or individual. The goal behind this is to try to think and love others first before ourselves. A big part of being a mom is teaching kids to be grateful and appreciative of others. This is one of the best ways to show mom that the lessons are working and that she’s doing a great job.


Happy Mother’s Day!