A Gift List for the Tired People in your Life

A Gift List for the Tired People in your Life

The holiday season can be hectic, especially when you have a few hard to shop for people on your list. Sometimes finding the perfect gift can seem close to impossible! The thing you can always count on though, is everyone needs a good night’s sleep.


THE LUXURY GIFT - Perfect Sleep on the Perfect Mattress

 Being tired is not just a feeling that is felt in your eyes, it is a feeling that is felt all over your body, and it can affect your overall health. Your head might hurt, your muscles are likely moving more slowly, and you just feel lethargic all around. Having a good mattress is the basis of a good night’s sleep and SpineAlign’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress ensures a quality night’s rest. The Luxury Hybrid Mattress features a multi-layer construction designed to help regulate body temperature as you sleep. If you’re looking for a luxury gift, this is a top pick.


THE UNDER $150 GIFT - The Power of a Good Pillow

 As every person in your life is unique, a pillow that supports the uniqueness of each individual in your life is a great gift idea! A pillow should support the upper body and keep it in alignment during sleep in order to relieve pressure and counterbalance the points in the body. Your pillow should adjust to the shape, curves, and sleeping positions of any point during your sleep cycle. For those tired people in your life, the SpineAlign pillow is a fully adjustable and customizable contour pillow that fits your needs. When creating this pillow, SpineAlign focused on creating a pillow for everyone, that includes side and center chambers that can be unzipped and adjusted to fit you perfectly.



At the top of many people’s gift wish list this year is a gift that’s environmentally responsible. Here’s a gift idea that’s perfect and promotes a good night’s sleep. For those that are looking to upgrade their bed linens, a set of Tencel, brushed microfiber, or bamboo sheets can make all the difference. SpineAlign offers a selection of sheets to fit the needs of the special people in your life this holiday season. ​​TENCEL branded Lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. These sheets are known for being naturally comfortable. Another option is the Brushed Microfiber Sheets which are lightweight and keep you cool throughout the night. Also, because the sheets are polyester, they don’t wrinkle like regular cotton sheets. Lastly, SpineAlign has you covered for comfort with their Bamboo Twill Sheets that are cooling, hypoallergenic, and heat balancing to ensure an amazing night’s rest. As if the sheets couldn’t get any better, each set is offered in a multitude of sizes and colors!

Whether you're shopping for a pillow, mattress or sheets, we've got you covered :)