4 Ways Sleep Can Make or Break Your Overall Wellness

4 Ways Sleep Can Make or Break Your Overall Wellness
We’ve all heard that getting a solid seven to eight hours of sleep is the best thing we can do to function optimally the next day, right? In reality, restorative sleep and keeping a consistent sleep schedule can help you in more ways than you could ever even imagine. 


Increased Brain Function 


Not only does being tired make it feel close to impossible to pull yourself out of bed in the morning, your performance at tasks that require heightened brain function at places like school or work could suffer from your lack of sleep. When you have not had a proper night of sleep, it is very possible that you may struggle to remember certain important details, or that you’re struggling to retain certain information. When we sleep, our brain has a chance to properly store memories in order for future use. When running on little to no sleep, your brain never has the chance to process and store what is being thrown at it. Restorative sleep will ensure that you feel more rested and more energized, and able to function better during the day.


Being in a Good Mood 


Similar to when you may be “hangry” a term used to describe the feeling of being hungry and angry at the same time, being tired is probably not the best for others around you! You are likely irritable, cranky, and just overall in a bad mood. Believe it or not, sleep plays a big role in your mood. In addition to storing and processing memories in your sleep, the brain also has the ability to process emotions. The time you spend sleeping is the chance you’re giving your brain to recognize and react to certain feelings in the most appropriate way. If you do not give your brain ample time to be able to process those emotions, you are much more likely to face the world in a much less positive way. Less sleep leads to negative emotions, while more sleep leads to positive reactions! One of the best habits that can improve your sleep schedule is to fix your sleep schedule.


Physical Performance 


Improper sleep leads to low energy and no time for muscle repair. Especially if you engage in high endurance sports like running, swimming, or biking, it is likely that a lack of sleep will not help you perform well or feel energized while taking part in these activities. Muscle repair is another function that is allowed to happen when you give your body enough time to rest. The SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid Mattress creates the perfect environment for that muscle repair to occur. This mattress features technology that promotes deeper sleep so that your body can rest and repair as you unwind from the craziness of your busy schedule. 


Overall Health 


Proper sleep does wonders for every aspect of your life. Whether it be for an improved mood, better performance at strenuous activities like running, or just to remember information that you receive during the day, quality sleep is the answer. The time you give yourself to unwind and relax might be some of the most important hours in your 24-hour day. If you’re not ready to invest in a new mattress, you may experience major improvements in the way you sleep by changing your pillow. The SpineAlign Pillow is the only patented, fully adjustable and customizable contour pillow. It promotes natural head and neck alignment and is perfect for back & side sleepers.