Better Sleep Tips: Your Pillow and Your Sleep

Better Sleep Tips: Your Pillow and Your Sleep

As another year begins, one question that seems to be an annual favorite is, "How do I make getting a great night sleep a priority this year"? This is actually a great question because sleep, or lack there of, tends to govern our health to a large degree. This is to say that if we are sleeping great consistently, our chances of recuperation and overall health are much higher than if we are not sleeping well. Our bodies only repair as we sleep, so if we're not sleeping, we not repairing and healing.

So, where exactly do we start when it comes to sleeping better? Believe it or not, a great place to start is with your pillow. Yep, you read that right. Your pillow plays a vital role in not just your body's ability to rest better and deeper, but also in your body's ability to recover. The better you sleep, the more your body can rejuvenate which means waking up in the morning doesn't have to be such a dreadful experience. Wouldn't it be nice to leap out of bed in the morning because you're so rested? Okay, you might not leap, but you get the point. So where does a pillow fit in to all this?

Well, one big reason why people don't sleep well is insomnia. Tens of millions of people struggle with this night after night, but why exactly? A big reason is due to being uncomfortable..enter the pillow. Most pillows, the vast majority in fact, do nothing at all to cushion your head and neck while providing support to your cervical spine. Aside from making you uncomfortable and unable to sleep well, it's also very unhealthy for your body. The SpineAlign® Pillow, unlike other pillows, was created to support your head and neck, including your cervical spine. Using an ordinary pillow can lead to your cervical spine straightening out over time and then developing painful symptoms like headaches, migraines, back/neck pain, disc herniations and much more. Besides all this, you will most likely not be sleeping well because these symptoms are keeping you awake.

The SpineAlign® Pillow was created as an alternative to ordinary, store bought pillows because those pillows can do much more harm than good. We heard that Howie Mandel was having neck pain from his pillow so we reached out to him to show him that there is a much better alternative to ordinary pillows. Well, he's now using a SpineAlign® Pillow and doing much better! We hear this same kind of story from so many people on a regular basis and we couldn't be happier. So, as this new year begins and you want to try something that's good for your sleep as well as your health, try sleeping on the SpineAlign® Pillow and see what difference a pillow can make!