False Advertising Claims

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some companies make false claims about their products in order to boost sales. When millions of dollars are spent in advertising, the consumer understandably starts to believe what's being said whether it may be true or not.

When we started SpineAlign®, we knew that there were thousands of different pillows available on the market. And we also knew that ordinary, store bought pillows can cause extensive damage to a persons spine but nobody ever really raised a red flag in regards to this. Because the SpineAlign®Pillow was created and designed by a real doctor with almost 18 years of experience in the biomechanics of the spine, you can rest comfortably knowing that the information you get from our website is honest and accurate. And you can also rest easy knowing that this pillow is actually designed to take unwanted stress away from your spine and that's not just marketing hype! We at SpineAlign® have a deep desire to help our customers maximize their spine health by getting rid of ordinary, store bought pillows and switching to a pillow that offers unparalleled comfort and support! As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at info@spinealign.com because we are here for YOU!