The Importance of Finding the Best Pillow

The Importance of Finding the Best Pillow

The bedding industry is a 14-15 BILLION dollar annual industry! This included mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc, but much of this annual income is generated from mattresses, however, pillows are very much in the mix as well. It's hard to believe that there are over 1 billion pillows in use at any given time, that's right, 1 billion! This is because millions of people are looking for a pillow that's actually comfortable and healthy. And of course I would also add that your pillow should keep you in correct posture as you sleep and the pillow industry has failed to bring a pillow like this to market. Thta's why the SpineAlign™ Pillow was invented, because nothing else like it existed and the majority of pillows do far more harm than good. Here's an excerpt from a 2013 post from

"It’s very important to pay attention to the type of materials you sleep on, because we do spend a 1/3rd of our lives asleep it makes sense to take extra care to make sure our bedding environment is as healthy as possible, and part of this means finding the best pillow to use.

If you’re a regular reader of, you know that we advocate staying away from cheap synthetics, plastics and harmful chemicals in your mattress and bedding.

Unfortunately when it comes to pillows, this doesn’t leave a whole lot of options.  Most of the bargain type pillows found at department stores are polyester filled pillows or other strange synthetic “down alternative” pillows that are also loaded with harmful stuff.

Most of them are made with materials that are quite flammable, therefore they need to be heavily chemically treated in order to meet federal fire regulations.  In many cases additional chemicals are added to make them softer, or to prevent shrinkage and these treatments can emit formaldehyde gas.

In other words, the same problems that happen in the mattress industry happen in the pillow industry."

Our goal at is to educate the millions of people on the importance of sleeping in correct posture and choosing a pillow that's as comfortable as it is conforming while also being healthy. You can look high and low at every pillow available and you won't find a pillow that has all of these attributes...except the SpineAlign™ Pillow. Our hope is that the millions of men and women who are so desperately looking for a pillow like this will try the SpineAlign™ Pillow. This pillow is fully adjustable and customizable, it offers unparalleled comfort and we used the most natural materials that we could find, including CertiPUR-US foam. Remember, your pillow can be your best friend or your worst enemy so try sleeping on the SpineAlign™ Pillow and look forward to going to bed instead of dreading it!