5 Ways To Stop Oversleeping

5 Ways To Stop Oversleeping

Sometimes it seems like you can never win when it comes to sleeping; either you sleep too little and are exhausted the entire day, or you sleep for too many hours and struggle to get out of bed because you slept for too long. Finding the perfect balance might have been scientifically figured out. It can be hard to break habits of an improper sleep schedule but there are steps that you can take to help an oversleeping issue.


1 - Create the perfect before bed routine

Having a set schedule can ease both your mind and your body. Even if you don’t want to get fancy or you can’t find enough time to meditate, even something as simple as reading or listening to calming music can set the tone for a quality night’s rest. Having a small light next to your bed and a book can ease your mind and allow for your mind to slowly shut down before you fully fall asleep. Try unwinding with a warm shower, a set skin care routine, or even a nice cup of tea. When your mind can wander less before bed, your quality of sleep will increase, therefore allowing for a more restful night and more energy during the day.


2 - Take a technology break

Having practically the entire world at our fingertips is so tempting. It is so easy to spend hours scrolling through social media platforms or by watching movies or videos and lose track of time. You can unknowingly pass hours just staring at your screen. Instead of getting stuck in a blackhole of scrolling, try setting a sleep timer on your apps to encourage a break from screen time. Not only will a screen break help your mind, but it can also ease you into a better night’s rest. Studies have also revealed that using bluelight before bed can mess with your body’s ability to prepare for sleep because it can block the natural melatonin, the hormone that makes you tired, from being released. Whether you’re looking at your phone or computer screen, you can unknowingly be prolonging the process of falling asleep, causing you to possibly oversleep in the morning. Set a sleep timer in order to avoid staying up for hours accidentally.


3 - Get your energy out during the day. Creating an exercise routine that works for your schedule can do so much for both your mind and your body. Even if you don’t have the chance to go to the gym every day, any form of movement, whether it be a short walk outside or having a dance party in your room, releasing energy during the day can make it much easier to fall asleep at night. Movement is also beneficial for your mind. You can release stress and ease any thoughts of worry as you move, leaving less to think about when you try to go to sleep at night.


4 - Make yourself comfortable

Creating the perfect sleep environment can also prevent your chance of oversleeping by ensuring a good night of sleep. The most important element of sleeping properly is your mattress. The SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a mattress that is carefully engineered by sleep experts and doctors, to provide a comfortable and restful night. Not only does the mattress make a difference but sleeping at a good and comfortable temperature can make falling asleep and staying asleep much easier. Be sure to use a pillow that encourages proper sleep posture. The better your sleep posture, the more restorative your sleep.


5 - Journal it out

Trying to fall asleep while the worries of today and tomorrow run around, or a to-do list is being made in your head can feel close to impossible. Having a journal next to your bed can free those oftentimes consuming thoughts. It can also set the tone right for a quality night’s rest. Journaling and writing down your thoughts with paper and pen can release any spiraling thoughts and worries. Getting rid of the thoughts wandering in your mind can make it easier to fall asleep because there is less to think about. Not only can journaling help your sleep, but it can also give your eyes something else to do when you turn off your technology for the night. Journaling is a beneficial process for both the mind and the body.