When people say, “I don’t have an active lifestyle…”, I’m quick to point out that the vast majority of people actually do have an active lifestyle, but many don’t know it. What do I mean?

It is my opinion that if you ask most people what an active lifestyle is, they will give all different kinds of answers, but all their answers will have something in common. You see, people think the term “active lifestyle” is reserved for those who are predominantly athletes, but this is not the case.

Of course, athletes like baseball players, football players, basketball players, bodybuilders and fitness competitors, all have active lifestyles, but do you have to be some type of athlete to have an active lifestyle? Absolutely not!

You might be a parent who takes care of your children all day, every day. You live an active lifestyle. You might be someone who works a 9-5 job every day. You live an active lifestyle. You might be a grandparent who plays with your grandchildren, or maybe you’re raising your grandchildren. You live an active lifestyle, and we at SpineAlign® salute you for it! 

I wanted to write this short blog because when we say that our SpineAlign® brand is geared towards those who lead an active lifestyle and need a restful sleep, I’m including ALL of us in this. Sure, some of us are athletes and our lifestyles might be more active than others, but overall, we all, to some degree or another, lead an active lifestyle and our products are designed with you, all of you, in mind!