Glowing Customer Review

Glowing Customer Review

Relieved my neck pain and amazing customer service

Despite trying multiple different pillows, chiropractic pillows, rolling towels under my neck, sleeping without a pillow for a year, my neck pain was at its worst in the summer/fall of 2020.

My physical therapist recommended I try this pillow, and I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since. My neck pain got better, and wasn’t excruciating when I would wake up in the morning. I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since. I even notice if I’m away from my pillow for a few days due to traveling for work. This thing is a miracle worker!

Thank you Miranda for these kind words! The SpineAlign pillow was specifically designed to help you get in, (and stay in), correct sleeping posture. Unfortunately most pillows do nothing more than provide a soft place to lay your head and they certainly don't keep you in correct posture. We love hearing how our pillow is helping people just like you so thanks again for this glowing review :)