Replacing Your Mattress Foundation

Replacing Your Mattress Foundation
It's time for a new mattress. Do I also need a new mattress foundation? This is a question that everyone should ask, but many don't. Let's talk about it. 
If you have ever seen a mattress sale advertisement, and most people have, typically the store will give you a new box spring with the purchase of a new mattress. Now granted, it probably won't be a top of the line box spring or foundation, but do you really need a new one anyway?
Let's first differentiate between a foundation and a box spring. A box spring is a mattress-sized box that is made up of a wooden or metal frame and covered in fabric. Inside the frame, springs are evenly spaced to cover the inside of the frame. Their box-shaped frame and spring-filled interior are what give box springs their name. Box springs are made to go underneath mattresses and on top of bed frames. They have many benefits like adding height, sturdiness, protection, and ventilation.
Foundations are bed frames with wooden or metal slats that provide a place for the mattress to lay. They do not come with springs and the slats are meant to take the place of a box spring and a bed frame. Foundations might be lower to the ground because they don’t require any other component besides the mattress. However, SpineAlign also offers a high-rise foundation that offers ample storage space underneath which is a relatively new concept. This high-rise foundation offers even more ventilation and stability than typical box springs provide and it's nice and light so even taking it upstairs isn't a problem.
So, should you purchase a new foundation with the purchase of a new mattress? Well, when you push on the surface of your current box spring, can you feel soft spots? If so, it may be time for a new box spring or other foundation. Is you box spring one of the older models that actually has a spring in them? That type of box spring can change the feel of your mattress from what you felt when you laid on the mattress in the store. When you push on the box spring, can you hear it squeaking? If so, it's time for a new one. If not, you may be able to get away with using your current one...for now.