Can Anxiety Lead To Sleepless Nights?

Can Anxiety Lead To Sleepless Nights?
Have you ever woken up during the night because your brain just won't power down? You get up to go to the kitchen and get a drink and a million thoughts come flooding into your head...again. Now you try and calm down so you can get back to sleep, but it's usually not that easy. Insomnia strikes again.
There is some very interesting data that connects insomnia and anxiety. It's not unusual  for an anxious person to struggle with insomnia. Let's face it, we all battle with seasons of anxiety and it effects everyone differently. But when it comes time to relax and go to sleep, this is where the real battle begins. This condition would not be defined as something that happens occasionally but rather frequently. A helpful remedy could be something as simple as using a sound machine to help your mind just relax and drift off to sleep.
It should be no surprise that anxiety can be brought on by stress. Something called transient insomnia is commonly associated with stress. Stress can be induced by a myriad of things, (e.g. starting a new job, not enough money to pay the bills, sickness, etc.), and unfortunately this can all lead to insomnia.
Insomnia could last for several months, (hopefully less), but even one night of insomnia is one too many.
One of the main issues with insomnia is that it could potentially lead to serious health issues in the future. Many people don't understand the importance of getting enough sleep until it happens to them. Try to live in the present without looking too far into the future. I know this sounds obvious, but so many people tend to live in the future and are always anxious over what the future holds. The truth is that nobody knows what the future holds, so be thankful for today and try to live one day at a time. This will help stave off anxiety and hopefully obliterate insomnia.