How Do You LOVE Your Pillow?

How Do You LOVE Your Pillow?

Thanks to Facebook the "LIKE" button has become part of our society. And with so many websites asking us for our opinion, we are "liking" all kinds of things. But what about your pillow? If your pillow was on Facebook, would you "LIKE" it?

There are many people who wake up stiff, sore, and achy because of sleeping on a non-supportive pillow. Maybe it was the old feather pillow or down pillow they've had for years. Whatever the case may be, sleeping on a non-supportive pillow can in time lead to painful symptoms that you hope can be reversed, but not always can be. It's time to find a pillow you "LIKE".

SpineAlign® is starting to gain the attention of the bedding industry, specifically the pillow industry. There is a reason why some of the largest online bedding review sites like Sleepopolis, Sleep Sherpa and many others are singing our praises. Pillow manufacturers are still pushing first century pillows in the twenty-first century. We now know that ordinary store-bought pillows can cause massive physical damage to your head, neck and spine, so why on earth is anyone still using them?

Isn't it time to fall in "LIKE" with your pillow?