“The Best Pillow I’ve Ever Slept On”

“The Best Pillow I’ve Ever Slept On”

I can’t tell you how many times we at SpineAlign® have heard this, and to be honest, we NEVER get tired of hearing it! Our mission when we started SpineAlign®, and our mission today, are still the same; offer the best products at a fair and reasonable cost. When I say “best”, I mean best for you, the consumer. A lot of time and effort go into bringing you the products that we would recommend to our family, friends and of course, use ourselves. 

It has been a joyful experience for us to see how much of an impact our products have made in people’s lives. In this specific blog, I want to talk a little about our pillow and why it looks so different than every other pillow on the market.

First, our previous vendor couldn’t keep up with the demand for our pillow. We have people who, after sleeping on it, tell their family and friends and then they do the same. Even I have been amazed at how many people came back to buy 3,4,5 or more pillows for their friends and family. All I can say is that it has been an honor to serve all of you and we hope to be here to continue doing the same thing for years to come! That said, we had to start the very difficult search to find a new manufacturer, but the good news is that we did. We believe our new manufacturer will absolutely be able to keep up with this crazy demand!

The second thing is that instead of offering both a standard pillow and a queen size pillow, we have combined them into one pillow. That’s right, you now have the best of both worlds in one pillow! I want to thank all of you again who leave us the greatest comments about your experience on our pillow and/or mattress. Please know that we are always here for you and just an email away…info@spinealign.com.