SpineAlign® is Becoming The Go-To Brand For Athletes

SpineAlign® is Becoming The Go-To Brand For Athletes

As a former bodybuilder who spent years in the fitness industry, I quickly came to realize that sleep, deep sleep, was a component that was missing from not only my regimen, but many others in this industry as well. I knew plenty of people who used some sort of sleep aid on a regular basis, but that wasn’t a road that I ever wanted to go down, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Not long ago, I reached out to one of the biggest names in the bodybuilding and fitness industry to discuss SpineAlign® and how I thought we as a company could help educate people in the fitness and active lifestyle industry understand the importance of getting a good night sleep. That person is Dave Palumbo and you can learn more about him on DavePalumbo.com as well as RXMuscle.com. When I mentioned to Dave that I believed we had something special and really unique with our Luxury Hybrid™ mattress and SpineAlign® pillow, he was open to listening. Because of Dave’s popularity, he gets products sent to him often, but he told me that his name is everything to him so he chooses not to endorse many products. For him to endorse a product, he has to believe in it 100% or he just says "no thanks". 

Dave was willing to give our mattress and pillow a try and give honest feedback. Well, he has since been back for two more mattresses. He and his family have been sleeping so well and been so blown away at the quality of our products that he thinks everyone should be sleeping on this bed and using this pillow. We agree. Not because we just want to sell mattresses and pillows, but because we want every single person to experience what it means to get a restful sleep while sleeping in correct posture. 

So whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or a stay at home parent, we all live somewhat of an active lifestyle, some just more than others. You need, we all need, a healthy, restful sleep and SpineAlign® is specifically engineered to help you accomplish just that!