Dust mite allergies are linked to dust mite feces. Some people really struggle with this type of allergy and others not so much. I know, this is not the most pleasant topic, but it is something worth discussing. If you’re someone who really struggles with this type of allergy, is there anything that you can do? 


Enter the SpineAlign® Mattress Encasement. Our encasement is designed to protect the mattress from dead skin cells, which dust mites feed on. So, as the name indicates, mattress encasements “encase” or “enclose” the mattress. 


So, do you absolutely need to use a mattress encasement? We would say no, although we know everyone is different and has different opinions. An important part of keeping dust mites out of your sleeping environment is keeping your sleeping environment moisture free, (dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs are attracted to moisture). We actually think a better option would be to use a mattress protector. Many bedding stores sell them and we actually sell a cooling mattress protector. So, not only will your mattress be moisture free, but it’s a win-win since this is another way to help you stay cool as you sleep. Mattress encasements are difficult to both put on as well as take off, but our waterproof and breathable mattress protector is more like a fitted sheet in regards to how easy it goes on and off and is designed to be washed as often as you wash your sheets. So there you have it. We did our best to take a nasty problem that can affect so many people and provide a solution!