To Saw Logs or To Saw Wood……….

To Saw Logs or To Saw Wood……….
One might find the term “to saw logs or to saw wood” rather strange, but the phrase came about from people snoring.

As many as 90 million Americans report snoring at one time or another, while about 37 million say they snore regularly. Sometimes their snoring really is harmless. But it's a problem if it makes you wake up throughout the night and, as a result, you feel tired all day.

That is why this week's blog post is about the importance of having your spine aligned and making sure you give your spine the best in terms of not only sleep care but self care.

So, while there are other factors that could be causing sleep apnea (i.e. obesity, dental conditions like a severe overbite, excessive alcohol consumption), one fairly common cause actually has to do with a misalignment of the spine.

A chiropractic adjustment can improve blood flow to the brain and body. The manual adjustments can also improve breathing, which can eliminate snoring.

This is why we feel strongly about our products and their aid in giving you a restorative and restful night’s sleep so you can be ready for a new day, regardless of what awaits you. So, whether you’re getting ready to play in the superbowl, you're a weekend warrior, or you just need a restful night of sleep before getting up to go to work the next morning, we’ve got you covered!

The second piece of the puzzle that makes SpineAlign® unique is Dr. Jason Loth, D.C. As one of the co-founders of SpineAlign®, Dr. Loth understands, more than most, the absolute importance of sleeping in correct posture. It’s just as important to sleep in correct posture as it is to walk and sit in correct posture. Both our Luxury Hybrid™ mattress, as well as our uniquely patented contour pillow, are specifically designed to help keep you in optimal sleeping posture, which in turn can help bring support and comfort where you want and need it most.

Try out our products to make sure you take care now to avoid the side effects for the future.

The SpingAlign Team.