SpineAlign Mattress Firmness Levels

SpineAlign Mattress Firmness Levels

Today let's tackle the question, "Does the SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid mattress have a soft firmness level"? The answer is both yes and no. Let's discuss.

SpineAlign's main mission is to provide products that help you sleep in proper posture. In fact, this is a big difference between us and our competitors. We don't sell mattresses just for the sake of selling mattresses. We want you to sleep better, deeper and hopefully in correct posture as this will also help with alleviating some aches and pains assuming they are topical and nothing too serious. 

With that said, we had a decision to make when it comes to the mattress firmness levels we offer. Currently we offer a medium and a firm comfort level. The reason that we don't offer, or at least advertise, a soft firmness level is because we find that the medium does a better job of keeping you in correct posture if you're under 200 lbs. and the firm if you're over 200 lbs. Our mattress is what's knows as a "plush" which means that there is a nice cushion for your pressure points while the hybrid function helps support you and keep you in correct sleeping posture. We think most people who think they need/want a softer firmness will find that the soft is too soft but the medium is just right. 

This is obviously anecdotal advice, but we've been doing this a while and this has been our observation. However, if you really want a much softer firmness level, feel free to email us at info@spinealign.com and let us know. We can definitely order you a softer firmness level if you so choose. Remember, we're here to help you get the best night's sleep of your life!