SpineAlign® Awarded Best Adjustable Pillow by Tuck

SpineAlign® Awarded Best Adjustable Pillow by Tuck

For anyone that has been searching for the best adjustable pillow or best pillow in general, you know that the competition is fierce! No one knows this better than the team at Tuck, a site dedicated to researching, analyzing, and testing a range of products that impact sleep. The team of experts at Tuck include child and adults sleep coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, sleep medicine specialists, neurologists, and physical therapists. You can imagine our immense pride at being selected by this impressive for the noble honor of Best Adjustable Pillow.

SpineAlign has an immediate point of differentiation. Our unique pillow is patented and is the only one of its kind that is fully adjustable. That means that no matter what type of sleeper or size you are, the SpineAlign Pillow can be fully customized by maneuvering or removing the fill to make the loft and feel meet your specific needs.

According to Tuck, the SpineAlign Pillow was selected for the following reasons.  “Innovative, versatile, and adjustable, the SpineAlign Pillow is a unique take on the pillow that’s been shown to be an excellent choice for many sleepers. This ergonomically shaped pillow has different sections of the pillow for side and back sleepers, making it perfect for combination sleepers who can’t find a pillow that’s comfortable in every position.”

Do you know what else the Tuck team loves about our pillow? Our confidence that everyone will adore it! Well, that’s true, but not exactly. The team noted our 60-night sleep trial. Unlike other brands, our pillow can be tested risk free.Truthfully, we don’t think that it will even take that long!

Dr. Jason Loth, co-founder of SpineAlign, explains what makes the pillow different. “Store bought pillows are average. They offer little to no support for your head and neck, and do not adjust to a person’s needs. If you suffer from head, neck, or back pain, a fully adjustable and customizable contour pillow can provide a more restful night’s sleep. We’ve had stories of people who have said that they were able to stop taking medication because of SpineAlign, (though we make no claims about this). Those are the customer testimonials that make us strive to be the best.  Being recognized by the experts at Tuck is incredibly rewarding.”

For those that are curious, there are hundreds of reviews on the SpineAlign website.

What is the secret behind the SpineAlign Pillow? When researching how pillows affect sleep, Dr. Loth noticed that most pillows do not keep your spine aligned and in the correct position during sleep, which leads to a host of health issues. After treating thousands of patients with back and neck pain, poor sleep and insomnia, Dr. Loth patented the SpineAlign Pillow technology to help his patients get the best sleep possible. The secret is in the alignment.

Strategically placed zippers on the back of the pillow allow you to maneuver or remove a proprietary blend of CertiPUR-US® fill to customize it to your exact fit.  The outer covering of the SpineAlign Pillow is comprised of a soft polyester fabric with strips of mesh built in the sides of the pillow for better breathability and comfort as you sleep. We use some of the highest quality materials that are toxic-free and CertiPur-US® certified.

Don’t just believe our blog post, read about it for yourself on the Tuck site or the team’s full review here!