Why "Get Better Sleep" Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

While it’s no secret Americans struggle each year to keep their New Year’s resolutions, one key toward helping them stick to their goals may be right on their pillows. Sleep.

“Adding better sleep to your list of New Year’s resolutions can make it easier to reach some of the other goals on your list, whether that’s exercise, getting fit, or even losing weight,” says Lissa Coffey, a lifestyle expert and Better Sleep Council (BSC) spokesperson, in a release. “It seems so simple, but getting adequate rest can positively impact every other part of your life. When you’re well rested, it’s easier to choose healthier foods and to feel energized to exercise.”

According to a survey from the BSC, the nonprofit consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, 45% of Americans who make 2018 resolutions don’t make much of an effort to keep them and of this 45%, about 9 million Americans won’t make any effort at all. Key findings from this survey suggest sleep may be the resolution that helps Americans stay on track with their top goals in 2018.

A majority of respondents (88%) considered making New Year’s resolutions. Based on the survey, these resolutions included:

  • 53% – Exercise more/get fit
  • 49% – Get/stay fit and healthy
  • 46% – Lose weight
  • 42% – Spend less, save more
  • 37% – Enjoy life to the fullest
  • 31% – Get organized
  • 28% – Start a budget
  • 27% – Spend more time with family and friends
  • 19% – Read more
  • 19% – Learn a new hobby
  • 14% – Stop smoking
  • 8% – Cut back on alcohol

Of those 88%, 27% picked getting more/better sleep. Additionally, those who reported that they wanted more sleep/better sleep as one their resolutions also reported other health-related goals, including exercising more (69%) and staying fit and healthy (68%), which were the top two selected New Year’s resolutions overall.

Also, Americans surveyed who wanted to prioritize sleep in 2018 planned to do so by getting to bed earlier (65%), maintaining a consistent bedtime (62%), and having new nighttime routines (53%). Almost half of those surveyed said they also plan to upgrade their sleep environment by purchasing a new mattress or other bed-related items.