Making Your Bedroom a Tranquil Space to Relax

Making Your Bedroom a Tranquil Space to Relax

It seems almost too easy to describe your bedroom and the space where you sleep as a sanctuary. When we say a sanctuary, what we are really trying to convey is that this is where you go to relax and sleep, not an area that brings you more stress and chaos. Working from home and lying in bed to watch a movie or television are just some of the ways that our bedrooms are turned into a chaotic space. There are a few things you can do to keep your room peaceful and neat, ultimately helping you get better sleep and a more productive day.

Keep out the Clutter

As with any space in your life, clutter and mess results in a messy mind. It can be very difficult to focus and turn off your mind before bedtime when there are piles of things laying around, especially on your bedside table or on the bed. Keeping the space in your room clear of clutter can make a dramatic improvement when it comes to falling asleep. Physical distractions can create a hindrance for your mind when it comes to falling asleep after a long day.

Remove Distractions

Technological distractions may make the most difference when it comes to a good night’s rest. Using bluelight before bed can alter your body’s ability to prepare for sleep because it can block the natural melatonin, the hormone that makes you tired, from being released. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through your phone or watching a video before bed, try creating a nighttime ritual that prepares your body for sleep in its most natural way. Having a set routine before bed can ease both your mind and your body, relaxing you and preparing you for the night ahead. Even if you don’t want to get fancy or you can’t find enough time to meditate, something as simple as reading or listening to calming music can set the tone for a quality night’s rest. Most importantly, taking a break from your screen!

Sleep and Spine Alignment

Creating a sanctuary in your room also correlates to the actual quality of sleep you are getting. At a certain point, your brain begins to associate comfort, relaxation, and sleep with your room, if in fact that is what you experience in that space. Sleeping on a mattress that provides proper sleep posture can aid with your mind’s association of comfort and your bedroom. The SpineAlign Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a mattress that provides everything you need (and more!) for a comfortable and restful night sleep. Also, keep in mind that sleeping at a cooler temperature can make falling asleep, and staying asleep much easier. Sleep and relaxation are a restorative and crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and comfort that you can turn to for restorative sleep. Keeping your space free of clutter, keeping your mind free of technology before bed, and investing in a mattress and pillow that focuses on proper sleep posture are all small efforts you can take to maximize the quality of your sleep and ensure that your room feels like a peaceful escape from the chaotic world around you.