How we built our Latex Hybrid Mattress - Part 2: Natural Chemical Free Fire Barrier

How we built our Latex Hybrid Mattress - Part 2: Natural Chemical Free Fire Barrier

Warning: Harmful chemicals may be lurking in your bed. Find out if you're inadvertently putting yourself in danger every night—and discover the best non-toxic mattress for safer sleep.

The least healthy choice is polyurethane foam.

This is the typical filling used in mattresses, including memory foam mattresses. Polyurethane mattresses may contain toxic flame retardants. It is important to ask, before buying, which flame retardants have been applied.

Also, the foam itself may release irritating gases especially when it is new or improperly cured. There is little information available on how often this occurs and what chemicals are released, but we recommend giving a new mattress a few weeks to air out before using and returning any mattress that has a strong odour after these first few weeks.

Are there organic mattresses?

The government does not regulate the labelling of mattresses as “organic” or “natural,” giving opportunity for creative marketing and greenwashing. Mattresses themselves cannot be certified organic, but the cotton, wool and latex used in the mattresses can be correctly labelled organic. Organic production of wool, cotton, and natural latex reduces the harmful effects of pesticides on workers and the environment.  (Note: If you are concerned about reducing your child’s exposure to pesticides, the most effective step to take is to choose organic produce as often as possible).

Say “no” to stain treatments and vinyl.

No matter how tempting, always turn down stain treatments as they contain PFAS associated with various health concerns. Also watch out for vinyl covers.

What is a chemical-free mattress?

A non-toxic mattress will avoid the use of polyurethane foams, memory foams, flame retardants, and fire socks and will minimize the use of adhesives.

Are organic mattresses fire retardant?

In 2007, it became legally required for mattresses to pass an open flame test. While certified organic mattresses use wool as a safe and natural flame barrier, other companies looking to cut costs steer clear of expensive materials and opt for flame retardants.

Make sure that when purchasing a mattress that they are only using materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic, meaning they’re good for the planet and your health. Such as organic natural latex that’s free of toxic chemicals, emissions and pollutants. As well as offering you naturally flame-retardant barriers, rather than one created by chemical sprays. 

We look forward to going through the next part of our series by discussing the 1” High Density Quilt Foam with Cooling Gel.

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