6 Stylish Plants That Help Clean Toxins From The Air

6 Stylish Plants That Help Clean Toxins From The Air

We all love a good dose of home inspo. There’s just something about pinning photos of our dream homes in hopes of one day actually living out our decorating fantasies. Chances are, some of your dream home photos have one thing in common: house plants. And for good reason: Not only do plants look good while bringing life to your living space, they also help purify the air, according to a NASA study that explains that even a small plant in your home can help remove at least three household toxins (think benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, which are carcinogenic chemicals commonly found in stagnant indoor environments). But before you start opening up every window in your home, we’ve found a purifying plant to fit every personality and lifestyle, from the jet-setting traveler to the chic, trendy DIY lover.

BOSTON FERN – Nephrolepis Exaltata

What it is: Calling all How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days fans, you may know this plant as the ‘love fern’.

Perfect for: Those looking for a low-maintenance, good-looking houseplant.

Benefits: Not only is this small but mighty plant great at purifying the air, it also acts as a natural humidifier for your room. It can help restore moisture in the air, making it a great fit for those with dry skin.

Know before you buy: These plants love a humid home so if leaves start browning on the tips, move to a steamy bathroom or mist it daily to help revive it. It prefers indirect sunlight and a warm moist soil.  

DRAGON TREE – Dracaena

What it is: The do-it-all air purifier.

Perfect for: A pet-free home (it’s toxic to cats and dogs).

Benefits: It rids the air of the benzene (given off by cigarette smoke and household cleaning chemicals), along with formaldehyde and xylene, given off by varnishes and paints.

Know before you buy: There are over 40 different species that vary in size, from tabletop to 4 feet, so be sure to right-size for your living space. Keep the soil nice and moist and to use tepid water to help it flourish.  

RUBBER PLANT – Ficus Elastica

What it is: A.k.a the rubber plant, its thick shiny leaves are a thing of natural beauty.

For you if: You the nurturing type, as it needs a bit of TLC.

Benefits: Beyond the plant’s Insta-friendly vibe, its leaves absorb and break down airborne chemicals. 

Know before you buy: During its first few months, it needs support from a plant stake, which should be monitored and changed as it grows. Once matured, it’s relatively easy to care for. It loves indirect sunlight. 

BAMBOO PALM – Chamaedorea  

What it is: A plant with lush leaves that gives off a tropical vibe.

Perfect for: Making a bold plant statement. With its tall bamboo shoot stems and green leafy top, it is sure to add some flare to your home in the winter.

Benefits: Great for removing benzene and trichloroethylene chemicals from the air.

Know before you buy: Though the Bamboo Palm is known to adapt its size to its environment, be sure you have the right space for this green giant. It prefers indirect sunlight and moist soil. But be weary of overwatering, as its lush green leaves will turn brown. It’s also known for attracting spiders and mites but this can be easily avoided by spraying with soapy water.