How to Prepare for a New Season Mentally and Emotionally

How to Prepare for a New Season Mentally and Emotionally

Take time to process your feelings

An essential part of self-care is taking time to think about your thoughts. This process is called Metacognition. Before you jump into the next season of your life, reflect on the lessons you have learned. What happened this past season, and what is your emotional interpretation of what happened? Write down the list of significant life events this past season and write a positive emotional interpretation of those events. We often view life’s changes negatively because change is uncomfortable. We may see a lost relationship as rejection, a new job as a burden, or a change in our physical appearance as a sign of failure. Below I have provided some examples of positive emotional interpretations of life events.

Life Event —> Emotional Interpretation

  • I got a new job —> I transitioned to a healthier work environment

  • My relationships have changed —> I am aligning myself with people that genuinely care about me

  • My body is changing —> My body is doing its best to take care of me

  • I’m going back to school —> I am investing in myself and my career advancement

Once you have correctly processed the previous season of your life, you can set an intention for what you want the next season of your life to bring. For example, in this new season, I intend to trust my gut more and make better decisions. I plan to focus on my priorities rather than be consumed by distractions.

Release Control

The allusion to control is a powerful thing. People with control issues need to maintain power over nearly every aspect of their life, including personal and romantic relationships, family dynamics, and events in the workplace . Control issues stem from an irrational fear of instability. For some of us, instability is not unreasonable at all because we grew up in unstable environments. In my life, I had to let go of the burden of being in control because I realized that wanting to control everything was making it harder for me to manage my life. I also had to let go of my need to be the savior! Do you know those people that try to save everyone around them instead of minding their business and facing their front? Trying to help everyone around me was part of my control issues, and that had to go too. Releasing control can be scary, but bringing new blessings and opportunities into your life is necessary. If it helps, you were never really in control; you just convinced yourself that you were.

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