Can Large Breasts Cause Back Pain?

Can Large Breasts Cause Back Pain?

Do large breasts cause back pain?

There are many reasons why large breasts may aggravate or accelerate any existing back problems. Large, heavy breasts cause back pain by encouraging bad posture.

While the shoulders and neck may be more directly impacted by large heavy breasts, large breasts may cause back pain more indirectly over time through a constant struggle to maintain good posture.

Plus, even if it feels easier to slouch forward, slouching itself actually puts unnecessary strain on the muscles and tendons of the spine. It’s likely slouching, more than large breasts is causing back pain. Muscle weakness is also a reason for slumping posture. Even if a patient is strong for their stature, their large breasts may cause back pain because they are too weak to maintain proper posture comfortably.

How can large breasts cause upper back pain?

Muscle soreness caused by constantly pulling the shoulders back into a more neutral position for the spine is one way that large breasts cause upper back pain. Poor posture can also lead patients with large breasts to cause upper back pain for themselves unintentionally.

Patients with large breasts can cause upper back pain for themselves accidentally by injuring themselves while moving or lifting a heavy object with a slumped posture. Herniated disks and pinched nerves are fairly common in these situations. It can take months of physical therapy to resolve these types of injuries and ease the shooting, stabbing or tingling pains that come with them. It’s a combination of bad posture and large breasts that cause intense upper back pain in cases like this.

How can large breasts cause lower back pain?

Posture is again the more likely culprit, not large breasts when the cause of lower back pain is concerned.

While they may feel unrelated, the lower back can easily be injured while lifting heavy objects, especially if the movement includes a twisting motion.

What can I do if my large breasts are causing back pain?

There are a few options you can try if large breasts are causing back pain.

  • Painkillers

While not ideal in the long term, painkillers can soothe some back pain in the short term. Painkillers are also great in combination with other treatment options like rest and strength-building exercises for patients with large breasts that cause lower back pain or other back issues.

  • Heat Packs

Resting and using an over the counter heat patch or even a hot water bottle on tense areas can do wonders for back pain at the end of a long day.

  • Stretching and strengthening core muscles

Gentle stretching can ease muscle soreness while strength-building exercises can improve posture over time.

Muscles in the abdomen, shoulders, back and even thighs can all give your body the power it needs to maintain a spine-healthy posture.

  • Specialty-made bras

There are estimates that anywhere from 60% to 80% of women in the UK are wearing an ill-fitting bra. Much of this comes down to the limited sizing and fit of bras found for sale in high-street shops.

For patients with large breasts that cause lower back pain or other back issues, specialty bras are a fantastic option to better balance and support the additional weight of their chest. A bespoke bra for sports or everyday wear will correctly distribute and support the weight/size of the breasts so it is physically easier to maintain good posture.

  • Breast reduction surgery

Surgery should never be considered a quick fix for any problem. However, for patients who feel their large breasts are causing back pain, breast reduction surgery is a permanent option that will reduce the size of the breasts.

Reducing the weight and size of the breasts removes much of the tension placed on the ligaments and muscles and can reduce or completely resolve back pain.

Before you attempt to treat any back pain or begin a new fitness routine, always speak to your GP. They can advise you if it is safe or if you require any further assistance to ensure you do not hurt yourself unintentionally.