Prepare For Restorative Sleep

Prepare For Restorative Sleep

Diet and physical activity have always been the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, but now more than ever we are recognizing that sleep is an essential part of wellness. According to the American Psychological Association, insufficient sleep increases the risk of disorders including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and depression. It is also associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. Most of us have noticed how much more of a challenge it is to be productive, and pleasant, when we haven’t slept well.

Before we get into our great tips for restorative sleep, first we should talk about what restorative sleep actually is! Restorative sleep happens when all five stages of sleep are completed. This creates a chemical change that allow the brain and body systems to grow, heal, and be repaired. The fluctuation from Non-Rem to Rem is called the circadian rhythm, which is the sleep/wake cycle within a twenty-four hour day.



At SpineAlign, we believe that the most important factor to achieving restorative sleep is proper posture. Design-approved by Dr. Jason Loth D.C., his primary motivation behind the mattress is spinal alignment, which provides restorative sleep. SpineAlign’s Luxury Hybrid mattress is a one-of-a-kind sleep system specifically engineered to put your body in its most natural, relaxed position to allow maximum recovery and energy regeneration. The mattress utilizes a proprietary hybrid technology and 3 different firmness levels that will work for every type of sleeper.

It also contains breathable foams that diverts heat away from the sleeper to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The responsive design of this mattress equally distributes and minimizes pressure, adjusting to your body as you move. SpineAlign layers advanced, premium foams with individually pocketed coils to create a superior sleep surface for all styles of sleepers. 



After treating thousands of patients who suffer from poor sleep and insomnia, Dr. Jason Loth D.C. patented the SpineAlign pillow technology to help get the best sleep possible by focusing on restorative sleep through proper sleep posture. While other pillows come in multiple sizes and shapes, the SpineAlign pillow is one adjustable size. It has wider side sleeping chambers to accommodate side sleepers and the middle area dips to encase the head and neck area of a back sleeper. Because the goal is to let sleepers stay in the same position all night, it is inadvisable to routinely flip the pillow for comfort. The SpineAlign Pillow neutralizes excessive heat, allowing you to rest comfortably through the evening. All materials are toxic-free and CertiPUR®-US certified.



According to The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep it is possible to eliminate many minor sleep problems by keeping a regular sleep schedule. This should happen even on weekends! Why? Maintaining the timing of the body's internal clock and can help you fall asleep and wake up more easily. This will increase the amount of sleep you will get each night and also improve the quality of the sleep.



Many people cannot fall asleep or stay asleep because of anxiety. Music can help counteract this by taking the focus off the worry and encourage the physical and mental relaxation needed to fall asleep.  We discuss this further in a recent blog post.



Need proof that exercise helps you achieve restorative sleep? According to the Sleep Foundation, studies have shown that in as little as four weeks, individuals with chronic insomnia who begin regular exercise can fall asleep up to 13 and stay asleep 18 minutes longer. Charlene Gamaldo, M.D., medical director of Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep at Howard County General Hospital, says that there is solid evidence that exercise does, in fact, help you fall asleep more quickly and improves sleep quality.

If you dream about restorative sleep, but seem to have a hard time achieving it, relax. Many people can find a good night’s rest by adjusting their habits, finding the right mattress and pillow, and focusing on adjusting their wellness routine.