how important is my pillow...really?

how important is my pillow...really?

This is actually a really important question. I mean, do all pillows accomplish the same goal? A comfortable resting place for your head, right? Actually no. This is a really important topic because there needs to be much more education then currently exists. 

When pillows were first invented they did serve a purpose. No longer did you have to lay your head on a flat, hard surface. But interestingly enough, that could actually be a better alternative than most of the pillows available to consumers today. So what should a pillow provide exactly? 

Most people think the purpose of a pillow is just to provide a soft landing for your head but that's actually not accurate. Our cervical spines are a "C" shape but as we get older, that "C" shape can straighten out. When that happens, all kinds of symptoms ranging from headaches and migraines to neck pain and disc issues can arise. Most pillows available today don't provide support for your cervical spine. In fact, most pillows actually push your head and neck forward which can put a tremendous amount of strain on your cervical spine. When this happens repeatedly over a period of time, your neck can lose some or all of that "C" shape and you might start to experience some of these symptoms mentioned earlier. 

What's the answer? Well, you should try using a contour pillow that actually supports your head and neck (cervical spine). Most contour pillows use one-piece memory foams that can't be adjusted so they don't always work so well. Our SpineAlign pillow is fully adjustable so you can move the shredded foam around on the inside until it fits your specific head and neck. Our pillow was designed and patented by a sports chiropractor who understands the biomechanics of the spine and how to help reduce stress. Although we don't make any hard and fast claims, we do try to bring the most advanced products to an industry that is sometimes living in the past.