How Come You Only Sell Four Mattresses?

How Come You Only Sell Four Mattresses?
Why do all the big name mattress stores sell so many different mattresses? Different brands, different types, etc. And is this a good thing or a not so good thing? Let's dive in!
A large selection is just repetitive. A mattress is not very complicated as some would have you believe. But because it is covered up in fabric, you are at the mercy of the mattress salesperson as to what is in it, and what they claim is in it. Basically, a mattress is either a foam or coil base with layers of foam and fibers, wrapped in fabric. That's it. Now, the foam can be either synthetic foam or latex foam, or some combination thereof, whether its synthetic and latex or synthetic and another kind of plant oil, soybean, castor, etc. That's it. You take those combinations, wrap them in a simple fabric, and make a firm, medium or soft, (we don't sell soft due to the lack of support), version, and you have pretty much every mattress on the market. If you buy a more expensive one, they will use fancier fabrics, fancier names and stitching, fancier labels and higher quality foams, but they are basically the same.
Here at SpineAlign, we really try to not over complicate things. We have an amazing four-mattress line that's US made right here in the great state of Arizona. We truly have a mattress for every person and every budget. Cooling memory foam? We've got it. Latex foam? Yep, we've got that too. We have copper foams, cool gel foams, and on and on it goes. And by selling direct to you, the consumer, it keeps our cost down so we pass that savings on to you!
Try not to get overwhelmed when you are going from mattress store to mattress store, whether brick and mortar or online, comparing mattresses. Contact us anytime with any questions and we're happy to discuss all of the options available to you!