Don't Underestimate The Power Of The Pillow

Don't Underestimate The Power Of The Pillow
Tossing and turning can start out subtly and then turn into somewhat of an Olympic event. And as much as you hate it, we're almost positive that the person sleeping next to you hates it even more. Now you're both sleep deprived wondering if you can make it through the day that lies ahead.
So not only do you need a new mattress, but you almost certainly need a new pillow as well. Sure, it's not fun thinking about the cost of a new mattress and pillow, but the time has come.
We at SpineAlign recommend replacing your pillow every 12-18 months. All of the oils from your head and hair, not to mention the sweat from your head, break down the integrity of the foam, and after time, the foams are no longer supportive. Once this happens and your head and neck are no longer supported, you are most likely no longer sleeping in correct posture.
Dr. Loth, one of the co-founders of SpineAlign, asks his patients to bring in their pillow so he can see what they look like when they lie down on it. Most of the time the patient's cervical spine is not aligned and that is when he introduces them to the SpineAlign Pillow. Once the pillow issue is resolved, it's time to discuss the mattress to determine if it's time to invest in a new one. 
So many people just want to hold on to their pillow or their mattress like it's their best friend. We get it. You've had it so long that parting ways isn't easy. However, for the health of your overall composition, when the time comes to replace your pillow and mattress, don't put it off. Sleeping in correct posture isn't something to take lightly.