Don't Let Sleep Elude You

Don't Let Sleep Elude You
Something we all have in common is the need for sleep. Deep sleep. Trying to get through a new day sleep deprived is a challenge nobody wants or needs. You feel punch drunk, can't think straight and your focus is almost non-existent. If you have ever been the recipient of no sleep, or very little sleep, then you know how disorienting the next day can be.
Insomnia affects millions of people according to statistics. Insomnia can quite literally ruin your life and should not be left untreated. Going without sleep for any length of time can really be detrimental to your overall health. Millions of people is a massive amount of people which shows that this is not a small issue. 
Insomnia affects people differently. Some people have trouble falling asleep while others have trouble staying asleep. Some people are able to fall asleep quickly, but, they just as easily wake up. Others have the opposite issue and sometimes have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The end result is the same. Terrible sleep that has you dreading the day ahead.
Be cautious of taking any stimulants at night. For example, taking caffeine too late in the day can keep you up all night. All you need to do is google is list of stimulants that could keep you awake at night and make sure that you're not taking anything that you shouldn't be.
Whether you suffer from insomnia or just some sort of sleep deprivation, you should take an inventory of your life. In other words, make sure you're cutting out anything in your life that could be adding to this. For example, don't eat too soon before bed, cut out stimulants, even things like soda. Don't take naps as they can keep you from sleeping at night. Once you assess everything in your life and cut out certain things, you might be surprised at how much better you're sleeping.