How Your Phone Is Ruining Your Sleep

If you ever have trouble sleeping at night, you’ll probably go to any measure to make things better. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. Luckily, there are a few things that can help you get better sleep and stay away from your phone and other screens before bedtime is one of them.

By setting your phone aside in the hours before bed, you’ll get more quality sleep, feel better during the day, and be healthier both mentally and physically. Unplugging your phone can be hard to do, though. You’ll have to set new habits and find alternative ways to achieve the conveniences your phone offers, like a clock, alarm, and white noise. If you’re wondering how to get better sleep, your friends at SpineAlign have the rundown on some great sleeping tips:

Keep your phone out of your room 

It’s best to keep your phone completely out of your room to avoid the temptation of looking at it before bed. To do this, set up a charging station outside of your room. This station should be the place you charge all of your devices overnight. If you’re still skeptical if this will help, know that studies have shown that two hours of smartphone or tablet use per day can reduce the natural melatonin levels in your brain. Since melatonin is what tells your body it’s time to sleep, this can severely throw you off your groove.

Don’t watch TV in bed at night, either

Many people love relaxing at the end of the day by watching TV in bed. But just like with smartphones, a TV screen interferes with your natural sleep schedule. Try to watch shows well before bed and do it outside of the bedroom. This will maintain your bedroom as a place for sleep and true relaxation.

Have a schedule

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from a sleep schedule. Adults should also make sure they’re getting to bed at the same time every night to have the highest quality sleep. Try to set up a routine of how you prepare for bed so that your body knows the signs of winding down. This can involve showering or bathing, lighting candles, washing your face, etc.

Though turning off the phone before bed can be a challenge, the benefits are well documented. Once you find yourself falling asleep and waking up well rested, you’ll be glad you went to the effort.