“I’ve never seen such a weird looking pillow” you might be thinking. Ah, yes, I’ve heard that before. But you’ll be happy to know that the “weird” shape is just one aspect of what sets Dr. Loth’s Spine Align Pillow™ apart from every other pillow on the market. I’m Dr. Jason Loth and I’m a practicing sports chiropractor having the privilege to take care of patients for almost 17 years now. There are many complaints that bring patients into my office but the most common symptoms patients deal with are neck & back pain, headaches, (including migraines), and numbness or tingling in arms and hands. One of the common culprits for the majority of these patients was that their sleeping posture, including a bad pillow, was causing these symptoms. The bad news was that I couldn’t recommend a pillow that would help them and the millions of other people who suffer with these same symptoms, or even worse. I tried at least two dozen different pillows myself and there wasn’t one that would keep me comfortable and in correct posture in both the back and side sleeping positions as I slept. It was at this point that I knew I had to do something.  So after years of hard work and a lot of research, I created and patented what I believe to be the greatest pillow ever invented!  Being a doctor that deals with and is trained in the biomechanics of the spine, I was able to create this pillow to be unlike other ordinary pillows.  It’s specifically designed to fit almost anyone, whether young or old, large or small. Dr. Loth’s Spine Align Pillow™ is a fully customizable, cervical contour pillow that’s designed to allow each person to adjust the pillow to fit his or her own head and neck while offering the greatest amount of comfort and support while sleeping. This pillow allows you to sleep on both your back and side and I use a proprietary blend of shredded foam on the inside so you can customize this pillow to fit you exactly. And not only that, but I also added a zipper on the back of each of the three chambers so you can add or remove fill if you wish to do so. For the first time ever, comfort meets correct sleeping posture. I know many people who have tried store bought pillows or pillows bought from an infomercial just hoping to get a good night’s sleep and hopefully not wake up every morning in pain. I know how frustrating it is to toss and turn all night and then wake up tired and in pain, and it’s my hope that my Spine Align Pillow will be able to help the millions of people who are suffering night after night finally get a great night sleep.  And remember, you can sleep on this pillow for 90 nights risk free with my 90-night guarantee. I would encourage you to read some of the life changing testimonials on this website if you haven’t already and take a look at the actual x-rays that compare the Spine Align Pillow to an ordinary pillow which millions of people use every night.  Most people don’t even think about posture when they sleep but it’s more important than you know.  Having correct sleeping posture with a quality pillow could have a drastic change in your quality of sleep and your overall well being. 



 Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow™ is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any disease. Claims for Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow™ are based on medical opinion and actual user experience and not on actual clinical studies. Individual results may vary.