How Your Pillow Directly Affects Your Sleep Quality

How Your Pillow Directly Affects Your Sleep Quality

Which is more important for a good night’s sleep, your mattress or your pillow? You may be surprised to learn that your pillow might actually have a bigger impact for most people

Your pillow should allow you to rest and wake recharged and ready to start your day. Pillows are needed to keep the upper body aligned during sleep, minimizing pain, discomfort, and soreness, and to relieve pressure at certain points of your spine and body. The SpineAlign® pillow was created by a sports chiropractor to relieve many sleeping problems and disorders as well as maximize quality and restorative sleep each night.

Here are three important ways your pillow can affect your health.

3 Ways Your Pillow Affects Your Health

  1. The Wrong Pillow Can Create Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Headaches

If you are sleeping with the wrong pillow, or a pillow that does not offer the right support for the way you sleep, you may be putting your health at risk. The purpose of your pillow is to offer the correct support for your type of sleeping position and should ultimately keep your head, neck, and spine in correct alignment. A pillow that is too flat or has the wrong filling can place your head and neck too high or too low in relation to your and spine causing neck pain, shoulder pain, or headaches. The SpineAlign® pillow was researched, created, and tested by a sports chiropractor who treated patients for many years with a multitude of conditions that stemmed from improper sleeping position and improper pillows—and it’s the best pillow for neck pain.

  1. Pillow Support is Important to Your Spine

Your pillow should offer support for good, quality sleep that protects your head, neck, and spine. Your pillow should offer just enough support so that the natural curve of your neck is supported without putting strain on your back, neck, or shoulders. With the SpineAlign® pillow, you can adjust the filling to give you the needed support depending on your sleep position. You can even unzip the different sections to adjust the filling for further comfort and support. The SpineAlign® is the best pillow for a sore neck or overall upper body soreness. The goal of the SpineAlign® pillow is to reduce neck pain and soreness and give you the quality and restorative sleep you have been seeking.

  1. How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Pillow Choice

Your sleep position dictates the type of pillow you need to be comfortable and to enhance your quality of sleep. The SpineAlign® pillow was created to be used with both back sleepers and side sleepers. Although back and side sleepers need very different support to keep their head, neck, and spine aligned, the SpineAlign® pillow was built with two sleeping systems in one pillow. Side sleepers use the outer portion of the pillow while back sleepers use the center of the pillow to achieve proper alignment. Not only does the SpineAlign® pillow include two sleeping systems, but it also has a large and small side to comfortably accommodate people of varying heights.

The SpineAlign® pillow was created to give you the quality sleep you’ve been seeking. Look no further. Get your best night’s sleep yet with the SpineAlign® pillow.