How to Fall Asleep Faster

How to Fall Asleep Faster

A good night's sleep cannot be over emphasized; it's the only natural cure for so many minor health issues. A good night's sleep is fuel for the next day's activities. People often say passion-driven individuals should get less rest but that is one harmful and unhealthy lie that should be confronted. If you can fall asleep faster, you have more time for that much needed beauty rest.

If you are having trouble sleeping, then the tips in this article will assist you to get the much-needed sleep you need for your body to function properly.


  1. Reduce your Caffeine Intake
    If you're a caffeine addict, then getting a good night's rest might be out of your routine. Caffeine is needed to keep you awake in order to complete certain productive tasks. When you inculcate the habit of taking caffeine late in the evening, it will take a while before it wears off which can lead to difficulty falling asleep. Try to find natural ways to stay awake or limit the caffeine to the morning or early afternoon.
  1. Avoid Heavy Meals at Night
    You can eat heavy meals in the morning, in short, it is good to fuel you up for the day's activities but once it is evening, you should practice having lighter meals. Taking heavy meals prior to bed will keep your body restless and awake.
  1. Avoid Long Naps Throughout the Day
    Your Afternoon nap might hinder your ability to rest at night. If you nap in the afternoon, the recommended nap time is not to exceed 20 minutes. Any longer, and your body may feel too rested to fall asleep at night.
  1. Configure your Body
    Learn to rest at the appropriate time by creating a nighttime routine. This will create a natural alarm clock in your body. When it’s time to sleep, it will help you doze off immediately.


Everyone wants more rest. If we could fall asleep when we actually laid down in bed, instead of tossing and turning thinking about the sleep we need for the busy day to come, we would be much healthier and productive. Try to put the caffeine down and get some rest! Your coffee mug will be waiting for you in the morning.