Deep Pocketed Tencel Sheets

Deep Pocketed Tencel Sheets

Are Tencel sheets worth it?

Tencel is typically less wrinkly than cotton, and fairly easy to care for. It washes well – clothes made of Tencel less likely to shrink or misshape in the wash. Plus it's very long lasting and not prone to becoming thin over time. Cotton, too, is durable, and unique in the fact it can actually improve with time.

The SpineAlign Tencel Sheets:

  • Sleep cool and comfortably all night long with temperature control technology
  • Enjoy optimal quality with a 300 thread count
  • Deep pockets fit mattresses ranging from 11-15 inches for a perfect fit
  • Rest easy knowing our sheets are OEKO-TEX® Certified

Is Tencel a Better Fabric than Cotton for Sheets?

When you’re looking for sheets for your bed, you might be astounded at the choices. You’ll see a lot of fabric options and wonder which is best. If you’re looking for good quality sheets that will be comfortable year-round, it might come down to Tencel vs. cotton.

But what is Tencel sheets, and what are the differences between them and cotton sheets?

All About Tencel

Tencel isn’t the name of the fabric, it’s the brand name for fibers known as lyocell and modal. Basically, it feels like rayon, like a combination of cotton and silk. Lyocell and modal are derived from wood pulp plant material, usually Eucalyptus wood.  

Unlike cotton, which has been used extensively throughout the world for thousands of years, Tencel is a newer fabric. It was first developed in the late 1900s, so it’s much newer than cotton. 

It’s become quite popular in the past four decades, though, since then because of how comfortable it is. The popularity is also because it’s made from quickly renewable Eucalyptus trees and the fact the production of Tencel requires a low usage of natural resources. With today’s trend of supporting sustainable products that have a low environmental impact, Tencel cotton sheets have had no problem earning sales in the bedding industry. 

But it’s not just its sustainability that draws people to Tencel - if a sheet isn’t comfortable, people won’t buy it. Tencel fabric sheets are breathable, which makes them suitable for summer or winter use.

They also wick moisture from your skin, are soft, resistant to shrinking, and they are easy to care for in the washing machine and dryer because of their durability. Plus, as an added bonus for summer sleeping, these sheets are cool to the touch. 

Tencel fiber sheets are hypoallergenic, so they are great for those who have sensitive skin, like eczema and allergies to dust mites. With eczema, you want softer sheets instead of rough, stiff ones that can further irritate your troubled skin. Since Tencel is remarkably soft, they are a good pick for eczema sufferers.


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