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Sleep Blend #2 (Lavender and Balsam of Peru)


A reliable and supportive aromatherapy experience enhanced with the effective blend of lavender, balsam of peru, and other essential oils to achieve excellent sleep even on the toughest nights.

How it Works:

  • Balsam of Peru: This essential oil has an aroma likened to a mix of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. Benefits include reducing inflammation and wound healing.
  • Lime Oil: Great for relieving pain and preventing sickness, lime essential oil reduces aches and pains allowing the whole body to relax.
  • Cederwood: Calming the mind, cedarwood essential oil is great for relaxation by promoting emotional balance and stability.
  •  Lavender: With strong relaxing and stimulating effects, lavender oil is used to help regulate sleep, promote calmness, and reduce the effects of stress-related conditions, allowing both mind and body to relax.


You’re the kind of person who works hard, plays hard, studies hard and zealously tackles every difficult challenge that comes your way. Shouldn’t you be the kind of person who sleeps hard too? Sometimes an intense lifestyle can lead to patterns of interrupted sleep. If that habit continues, it can be hard on your health, concentration and daily energy levels. Tough sleep problems require powerful solutions – so we’ve created a potent natural blend of pure essential oils to help you sleep better.

This unique combination of robust essential oils creates a persuasive aromatherapy ambiance to help you surrender your body and mind to deep and refreshing sleep. The strength of balsam of peru works in cooperation with the delicious honey-vanilla scent of pure copaiba to help you let go of nervous agitations and unproductive thoughts. Add to that the warm and persuasive scent of earthy cedarwood, the sweet and hypnotic scent of lavender and the reliable citrus strength of lime and you’ll find a powerful tool of natural constituents that work effectively for relaxation and sleep.

Adding just a few drops of this powerful full-strength blend to a diffuser can fuel all-night aromatherapy support and ease your body into a state of restful slumber. Combine the full-strength blend with our neutral fractionated coconut oil to a personalized potency and apply the dilution to your feet for direct exposure to the beneficial natural constituents. Breathe the compelling scent directly from the bottle when you need the occasional interruption to a nighttime time-out, and you’ll find yourself waking in the morning, ready to tackle whatever life throws at you next.

Rely on this potent herbal therapy blend, made with 100% pure essential oils from completely natural plant sources, to help your body let go of nervous energy and release deeply-held stress.

The Applicators:

  • Essential Oil:  When you need the support, add a few drops to a diffuser and mist for a potently relaxing ambiance on especially restless nights.
  • Roll-On Applicator: In the evening, apply the conveniently pre-diluted the roll-on applicator directly to your skin – feet, large muscles, palms of the hands and across your torso – for all-night support.
  • Oil Spray: Spray on pillows, blankets, and linens – to enjoy delicious and personalized aromatherapy comfort.

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