Dr. Loth's SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid Mattress

  • $ 1,199.00

Dr Loth's SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

Keeps you cool- We made this from breathable material that is specifically designed to draw heat away from your body while you sleep.

Keeps you comfortable- We designed this mattress to relieve pressure points and to respond and adjust to your body as you move at night.

Keeps you supported- We included individually pocketed coils and high quality, high density foam to isolate movement and support correct sleeping posture.

Want more info? Here’s the details. We used our individually wrapped pocketed coil system for more stability as well as extra edge support. We also used a patented gel infused foam that offers super elasticity to work together with the pocketed coil system in perfect harmony. Then we added an extra layer of cool gel infused memory foam along with a layer of copper infused memory foam that not only pulls heat away from your body, but also has antimicrobial properties. The SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid is made in the USA and all of our foams are CertiPUR®-US certified which means they are free from things like ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other harmful chemicals.

This mattress is 13.5” tall.

 Dr. Loth's SpineAlign® Sleep Store Mattress Firmness Scale

5 Layers of Posture Perfect Comfort

1.5” of Energex®, a patented foam that is extremely responsive, cool, and open, relieving pressure points and keeping you comfortable while you sleep. The surface of the SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid mattress is infused with copper, which is antibacterial, and the material itself is specially designed to keep you cool by drawing heat away from your body.

 2” of high elasticity foam. This second layer is designed to respond to your movement while you sleep, adjusting to your body to provide not only support, but dynamic comfort.

1" of  visco-elastic memory foam. When you think of a viscous material, think of a material that absorbs energy. But if it was only viscous, like your normal memory foam, it would be soft but difficult to move around on and stay comfortable on. It would be like sleeping on a waterbed filled with thick syrup. This may not sound so bad to a lot of people because many people sleep on mattresses just like this.  Elastic material, when stretched, pops back into place like a rubber band. But we know that you need a combination of the soft support of a dense foam with the added elasticity which allows for the movement that offers an even greater level of comfort.

8” of individually pocketed coils that add even more support, including edge support. We have included our individually pocketed coil system, increasing responsiveness to movement while isolating your movement to minimize sleep disturbance.

1" of supportive base foam that is a compacted foam, giving the mattress a solid and durable foundation.

Dr. Loth's SpineAlign® Luxury Hybrid Mattress is available in soft, medium and firm comfort levels.

We are CertiPUR-US certified so you know you are sleeping on the safest products! Click the CertiPUR-US logo below for more info.

Dr. Loth's SpineAlign Mattresses and Pillows are CertiPUR-US certified!