The Side Sleeper's Guide to Better Sleep

In the high-paced, busy lifestyle we all lead, we all could use a better night’s rest, and if you are like 74% of Americans, you are trying to get that sleep on your side. While sleeping on your side can help keep your spine and neck in a good position and have other health benefits, it can also leave you with shoulder and back pain when you wake up. However, the way you sleep doesn’t have to prevent you from getting the rest you need. With a few simple adjustments to your sleeping habits, you can start getting better rest without unnecessary pain! Here are some tips to help you get better sleep and reduce pain while sleeping on your side.

Sleep on Your Left Side

Sleeping on your left side helps with better blood flow in your body. In fact, doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side just for this exact reason! But don’t worry if you are a right side sleeper, you can easily train your body to switch to the left side. For the first few nights sleeping on your left side try putting a body pillow behind you to help prevent you from rolling to the other side at night. Try sleeping on something more narrow, like a couch, as it can also help you get your body into the habit of sleeping on the left side. Do your body a favor and switch to your left side tonight!

Get the Right Pillow

Perhaps the most important thing when sleeping on your side is making sure you have the right equipment to support you. A bad mattress or an old pillow will cause you needless pain and prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Having the right pillow will also help reduce shoulder pain and improve how you sleep on your side. Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign® Pillow is an excellent pillow to help reduce your pain and get you a better night’s rest!

The SpineAlign® Pillow is the ideal pillow for a sore neck or for sore shoulders as it is designed specifically for side sleepers. Designed by a sports chiropractor, it is a completely customizable pillow that fully adjusts to your body. The pillow’s special design allows you to adjust the filling to your liking so it is always giving you the support you need. The SpineAlign® Pillow gives you the proper support for your body’s shape and helps you sleep through the night.

Exercise More

Getting more exercise does not relate directly to sleeping on your side, but it does directly relate to getting better sleep. According to sleep.org, 10 minutes of aerobic exercise during any part of the day will dramatically improve your quality of sleep, as long as it is done consistently. Exercise can help you fall asleep faster and get a more satisfying sleep at night. Of course, there are many health benefits to exercising, but the boost to a good night’s rest is vital! Not only does it tire you out but it also helps reduce your stress which is often an obstacle to falling asleep.

We spend about 40% of our life in our beds, that is why it is so crucial to get rid of bad sleeping habits, learn to sleep right and make sure your sleep is productive and pain-free. The tips above will help you sleep better at night and will limit sleep-related aches and pains, you just need to start doing them!

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