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Sleep Blend #3 (Orange, Lavender, and Cedarwood)


A sweet and gentle mood-lifting aromatherapy treatment featuring orange, lavender, cedarwood and other essential oils to help you release stress and ease into restful sleep.

How it Works:

  • Orange: There are many uses for orange essential oil, it acts as a natural, mild sedative helping treat mental and physical fatigue, anger, pain, high emotions, as well as stress and anxiety.
  • Lavender: Known as a natural relaxant, lavender essential oil is commonly used to reduce stress and anxiety for better sleep.
  • Cederwood: Calming the mind, cedarwood essential oil is great for relaxation by promoting emotional balance and stability.
  • Pine Needle: Often used in massages, pine needle essential oil relieves muscle pain, improves mood, and is known for being refreshing, invigorating, and cleansing.


You can sense it before you even hit the pillow … you aren’t in the mood for a good night’s sleep. Those are frustrating nights … you need the rest so that you can start to feel better, but feelings of anxiety and stress won’t let you keep your eyes closed. A bad mood is hard on sleep. It forces the body to remain alert, tense, and reactive. But there is a natural solution … a sweet combination of powerful essential oils to support both better mood and better sleep habits.

Essential oils have a potent effect on both mood and rest. In this blend, we’ve combined the best essential oils to alleviate feelings of agitation, stress, anxiety, and distraction and to assist in improved sleep habits. Breathe the bright scent of sweet orange for sunny support and let calming pine needle move you into relaxation. The warm and relaxing aroma of patchouli and the hypnotic effect of sweet ylang-ylang help you to let go of nervous energy. A sweet wood-and-spice scent from natural lavender and warm cedarwood combine for better mental and emotional centering.

Add a few drops to a diffuser and mist the exquisite scent before bedtime to help your mind and body prepare for a good night’s sleep. Use on an intermittent timer overnight for more consistent and restful sleeping patterns. Apply the conveniently pre-diluted roll-on to your skin … especially to the soles of your feet, and massage gently for deeper exposure before you go to bed. For a flexible treatment, use our handy spray bottle to spritz this sweet and natural blend around your space and fill the air with the gentle scent of a happy night’s rest.

Made with 100% pure essential oils from completely natural plant sources. Get yourself in the right frame of mind to relax, recoup emotionally, and rejuvenate mind and body with a great night’s sleep.

The Applicators:

  • Essential Oil: Add this uplifting full-strength blend to a diffuser and mist an hour before sleep to prepare your mind and body to let go of the stresses and mood of the day.
  • Roll-On Applicator: Apply the convenient pre-diluted roll-on to your feet, shoulders and up the back of your neck for a pre-bedtime boost to attention, focus, and attitude.
  • Oil Spray: Spritz the delicious scent in your home and around your family as soon as they are ready to begin unwinding for the day.

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