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Sleep Blend #1 (Lavender, Cedarwood and Lime)


An exceptionally powerful mix of Lavender, Cedarwood, Lime, and other essential oils to provide a fundamental solution for better sleep – for everyone, everywhere.

How it Works:

  • Lavender Oil: While it won’t force you to fall asleep, lavender essential oil is known as a natural relaxant used to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Cedarwood Oil: Great for relaxation, cedarwood essential oil is used to promote emotional balance while calming both mind and body.
  • Lime Oil: Great for relieving pain and preventing sickness, lime essential oil reduces aches and pains allowing the whole body to relax.
  • Marjoram Oil: The calming effects of marjoram oil reduces stress, boosts immune systems, and relieves muscle aches as you settle down for a good night’s sleep.


When you find the nighttime hours slip through your fingers while you are still tossing under a twisted sheet, it’s easy to start feeling a bit desperate for some sleep. We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve put together a natural tool… a powerful blend of pure essential oils for sleep that will help you let go of stress, release feelings of anxiety, rid your body of muscle tension and dispel negative thoughts to effectively take the edge off that pre-sleep tension.

We’ve combined six powerful and natural ingredients in this remarkable blend. The inviting wood-and-flower scent of pure lavender oil effectively reduces feelings of agitation and distraction while easing your body into deep relaxation. Warm and woody, the cedarwood oil adds emotional grounding and works to alleviate mental pressure. The sweet vanilla-citrus of bergamot oil and a bright twist of lime oil work together to improve mood and release tension. A hint of herbal marjoram and the warm and comforting deep-wood scent of vetiver balances the essential oil blend, melting away muscle tension and feelings of stress.

Three flexible formulations of this natural essential oil blend give you maximum flexibility to tailor your aromatherapy experience. Add the full-strength blend to a diffuser and mist to fill your room with the calming scent – and remember, it's blended with our high-quality fractionated coconut oil for use on your skin if you choose. Use our convenient pre-diluted roll-on for safe topical applications or carry with you when traveling. Try the easy-to-use spritz bottle to put the power where you need it – on pillows, linens, blankets, even stuffed animals!

However you experience it, the sweet and balanced scent will help you to find better rest with nature’s pure help.  

Made with 100% pure essential oils from completely natural plant sources.

The Applicators:

  • Essential Oil:  Add this flexible full-strength essential oil blend to a diffuser to create a warm and comforting ambiance before easing into sleep.
  • Roll-On Applicator: In the evening, apply the conveniently pre-diluted roll-on applicator directly to your skin – feet, large muscles, palms of the hands and across your torso – for all-night support.
  • Oil Spray: Spray on pillows, blankets, linens – even stuffed animals – to enjoy delicious and personalized aromatherapy comfort.

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